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I have been accused of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol

What you should and should not do:

If you have been accused of being under the influence of chemical substances and you know that you have not ingested alcohol or taken any illegal drugs, drugs for which you do not have a current prescription, contact your personal physician immediately and request a urine screen to be done. This screen should test for drugs and alcohol and should be done ASAP because the more time that passes, the less impact the negative screen has. Get your own screen even if you provided a screen to your employer or hospital. You will obtain your own screen in “anticipation of litigation.”

If you believe you are impaired by drugs or alcohol, seek treatment and assistance immediately. Contact your peer assistance program and/or seek help at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. It is always better to seek help on your own rather than be ordered to by the Board. Also, if you do not seek help, the Board can seek Temporary Suspension of your license.

Document IN DETAIL everything that has happened. Be sure to list dates, what led up to the impairment, what your drug of choice is, and what your date of sobriety is if applicable. On the top of this document write “Confidential – Attorney-Client Communication/Work product”.

What do I need to do next?

This is not my issue