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I have been charged with a crime or have a criminal history

What you should and should not do:

Do not rely upon your criminal attorney to properly advise you regarding your professional license. Many crimes can result in disciplinary action by the Board and some crimes can result in the loss of your license.

Have your criminal attorney and administrative attorney (attorneys that represent you before the Board) coordinate in order to protect your health care license as much as possible.

Do not call the Board to try to explain what happened and to pled your case. Many providers have inadvertently harmed their case by calling the Board before they know their rights. The Board investigators are very skilled and their mission is not to protect you and your license. The Board will take extensive notes whenever you call and these notes can be used against you in the future as can anything you put into writing.

If you are called or confronted by someone in person pertaining to this issue, politely refuse to speak to him or her. Explain that your attorney has instructed you not to speak to anyone and that they will need to contact your attorney.

If your criminal issue is still unresolved, DO NOT speak to anyone without consulting with your criminal attorney.

Do not discuss this issue with co-workers or colleagues because you may cause more harm by becoming part of the gossip network and it can adversely affect your case.

Document IN DETAIL everything that has happened. Be sure to list dates, names and everything leading up and after the incident as well as the details about the incident. On the top of this document write “Confidential – Attorney-Client Communication/Work product”.

Disclose criminal incidents to the Board when asked. It is extremely harmful to your license to withhold information about past crimes. Seek advice when answering these questions.


What do I need to do next?

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