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At McDonald, Mackay, Porter & Weitz, L.L.P, each of our Texas professional license defense attorneys has a broad range of experience with various state regulatory boards, specifically regarding health care law, rule drafting, disciplinary proceedings, and other related matters.

We are committed to providing every client with personalized and aggressive representation throughout the state, no matter the issues affecting your career.

By focusing our legal practice on administrative law and government relations, we can offer the access and insight you need to best serve your interests and obtain optimal results. We encourage you to contact us to schedule a time to discuss your professional license defense or government related issue.

The attorneys of McDonald, Mackay, Porter & Weitz, L.L.P include:

With our years of experience and level of success representing licensed medical professionals, our medical license defense attorneys have a well-earned reputation within the medical community. McDonald, Mackay, Porter & Weitz, LLP frequently teach continuing education for healthcare seminars as well as guest lecture at major universities and make presentations as invited speakers at county medical societies and other health care forums. Our regular involvement in the Texas medical community also includes writing on health care matters and related topics of interest. We have established and continue to maintain an active information and referral network through our services as expert witnesses as well as consulting with provider associations, lobbyists, agency personnel, legislators, and legislative staff. We do this in an ongoing effort to ensure safety and fairness in the rules and statutes that govern health care in Texas.

What originally seems like a simple regulatory or administrative issue can quickly spiral into something much more complicated. When the unexpected happens or your professional credentials are at risk, too much is at stake to have an underqualified attorney. You need a thorough evaluation and specialized plan of action to obtain your goals. Contact us today.

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